BUF Slow motion instant Replay and VTR controllers

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Control Solutions for Broadcast - Production - Post Production
Control of Video Servers, VTRs, Routing Switchers
Control for Instant Replay and Complete Replay Systems

New for all single and multi channel controllers and
BUFclips Video Server Clip Management Software
Improved control of BlackMagicDesign Hyperdeck
(tm of BlackMagic Design)
Plus optional clip-related features
Free TC Typing Keystroke Utility

Instant Replay Systems - Affordable - Fast - Easy
BUFsport Coming Soon! - Companion Software for All Sport Replay Systems
Shows Cue Points, Play Lists, Drag and Drop & More!

Upgrade Path to HD for SD Sport Instant Replay

BUFMC - Routing Switcher GUI has new features!
Spreadsheet-like setup built-in - Source based routing - Icon Creation


Product Directory


You may purchase through one of our many distributors located worldwide, or place your order directly with BUF Technology.
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Replay Controller for Abekas Mira Server
Sport.jpg (78029 bytes)
Replay System
Sport.jpg (78029 bytes)
Integrated Replay System
Vqc3000.jpg (185307 bytes)
Q.C. Controller
Vtc4000.jpg (183353 bytes)  Rm4000.jpg (80532 bytes)
Remote Control Panel
BufmcL.gif (192953 bytes)
Router Controller
V2K.jpg (86067 bytes) v2ksr.gif (37037 bytes)
Compact Controller
Spot.jpg (229115 bytes)
Server Management System
 IR.jpg (21166 bytes)
Infrared Remote Translator


BUF Legacy Products (call for information)

Vts5000.jpg (279679 bytes)
Slow Motion Controller

Vts5000.jpg (279679 bytes)
Instant Replay
for ASC VR300

Vts5000.jpg (279679 bytes)
The Slide



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