BUF Slow motion instant Replay and VTR controllers

12335 World Trade Drive, #11
San Diego, California, 92128
858-451-1350  F:858-451-6589

Control Solutions for Broadcast - Production - Post Production
Control of Video Servers, VTRs, Routing Switchers
Control for Instant Replay and Complete Replay Systems

New for all single and multi channel controllers and
BUFclips Video Server Clip Management Software
Improved control of BlackMagicDesign Hyperdeck
(tm of BlackMagic Design)
Plus optional clip-related features
Free TC Typing Keystroke Utility

Instant Replay Systems - Affordable - Fast - Easy
BUFsport Coming Soon! - Companion Software for All Sport Replay Systems
Shows Cue Points, Play Lists, Drag and Drop & More!

Upgrade Path to HD for SD Sport Instant Replay

BUFMC - Routing Switcher GUI has new features!
Spreadsheet-like setup built-in - Source based routing - Icon Creation



Firmware is software that resides in Read Only Memory (ROM) chips.  Software is the most costly part of BUFTEK products, and is provided for use only with products manufactured by BUF Technology.  Software updates are provided, without cost, for two years after purchase (during the warranty period).  After that, software and firmware can be updated, along with a new two-year update license, by the purchase of a Refurb-SP (Sport), Refurb-2 (VQC-3000, VTC-4000 with or without RM-4000), or Refurb-1 (VTC-2000). 

In addition to updated software/firmware, our refurbishment service includes complete disassembly, thorough cleaning, installation of any applicable ECN's (Engineering Change Notices), and other procedures that bring the product up to like-new condition.  Also, most internal parts (if required) are half price with a refurbishment service purchase (excluding only high cost subassemblies such as video boards).  Additional costs are occasionally incurred for unusual processes such as PCB washing and rework required to remedy problems caused by extreme conditions like substance spillage.

To take advantage of BUFTEK refurbishment services, please ship your product, with power supplies and adapters, if practical, to the factory.  Include a note that describes the service you desire, return shipping address, and the date you need the product back.  Please include a phone number and/or email address so we may contact you with exact costs, permission for unexpected parts or services (if needed), and for payment information.  Parts and service must be paid in advance, by credit card or company check, and cannot be provided on P.O.

Thank you for your continued support of BUF Technology, and please know that we desire that you enjoy many more years of trouble free service.


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